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10 tweets that will make book lovers go WTF?

Thanks to geekybooksnob for the morning sigh of sadness. 🙂

Geeky Book Snob

The following tweets are real.  I’ve removed their identities so that hordes of book lovers won’t unleash hell-fire upon them.

hate reading 11

It shows – you forgot the g.

hate to read tweet 7

Then he’s like, the best dad ever.

hate to read tweet 3

You F#%$$% read it!

hate reading tweet 1

Wait, you have to go camping to read?

hate to read 6


hate to read 5

And about 40 book fairies just died.

hate to read 10

Please, don’t ever let this person hold any type of authority in this world. 

hate reading 12

A book demon! Get the hell out of there!

hate to read tweet 4

I think this is hilarious too.  I am going to find your address so I can mail you novels as well and be part of the hilarity.

hate to read tweet 9

You’re so lucky.

And thought I would throw in one more…..

hate to read 8

Respect to you too sister.

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