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First Blog Post, An Introduction

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As I start my journey into the world of blogging I found myself asking what and who I want to share with the outside world. This is a much tougher subject for me than it really should be because sharing myself with the outside world is not something I normally do. I have decided that for the time being I am going to stick to what makes me remotely comfortable, and hide my name behind a screen name. This may not be the best approach, as I know from being a long time blog reader that it is nice to connect the articles with a face, and a name, and perhaps some time down the road I will reveal mine as well. Until that date you can call me Lynx. This is a name I chose not only because I find the lynx to be an amazing animal, but it also connects closely to my geek side in its similarity to the name Link, that and I just love the word, i mean it has a y and an x in it!

While I am keeping my name and face shrouded I can share with you a little about who I am. I am approaching 30 at a much quicker rate than I am completely comfortable with. I have been married for nearly ten years now to my high school sweet heart who I spent 4 years with before we were married. We have an amazing 2 year old son who makes my hair grayer by the day. We have a small dog, and live in a small house, on a small piece of land in the city limits of a Southern Michigan city.

I work as an IT administrator (and sole member of the IT staff) for a machine shop that is still classified as a small business, although just barely. I have always enjoyed writing, and have looked for ways to share my writing with other people before, but never really found a good outlet. I am currently in my “senior” year at a University after deciding last year to go back and get my Bachelor’s degree. I already have an Associate’s (actually 2, but that’s a story for another day) but thought the Bachelor’s would be a nice addition.

My Blog

I’m sure if you’ve stuck it out with me this far you’re starting to wonder what I might be planning to write about in this blog, well here it is. I want to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, and projects with you. I want to share stories from my personal life with my wife and son, as well as my IT experiences, and my many side projects and hobbies. For my first few posts I have already been working on gathering pictures and details for a few projects I have been done recently. Last week I finished up my first glass replacement on an iPad, and although there are a million resources for that already I plan on sharing my experience with you. I am in the middle of a night light build project for my son that I would love to share as it progresses. I may do a product review here and there, or game, movie, book, or TV show. Basically I would like to share my thoughts, ideas, and experiences from my life with you.

If you’re still with me I thank you deeply for taking the time, and I hope I don’t disappoint as time goes on. Look for my next post very soon! And I am just learning how to properly blog, and getting familiar with all the tools in wordpress, so please bear with me.


Hi, my name is Lynx. I’m a geek, with a wife and son. This blog is for me to share my life with you. Please subscribe 🙂

Side note on comments:

I like comments, I want comments, please share your thoughts with me. That being said, etiquette is also important. Comments that are mean or rude simply for the sake of being mean and rude will be removed. Please be civil, and if you have a different opinion than myself or anyone else who comments here, please share it, but do so in a civilized manned. Thank you.